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Donna Webb is an artist living in the Cuyahoga Valley of Northeast Ohio. She works primarily in clay, blending ceramics with a range of processes including installation, animation, drawing and sculpture. Her current installation works are informed by Nature, Science and History, addressing issues that she finds most pressing today. Her public works engage communities through story telling and collaboration. 

Donna earned her M.F.A from University of Michigan and an MA in History of Ceramics from  Staffordshire University. She is professor emeritus at University of Akron’s Myers School of Art where she taught for 30 years.  While at the University she partnered with colleagues to create Synapse.  and spent a sabbatical year creating and facilitating Cascade Village Public Art.( ). She created the Ohio Waterways project (, was recipient of the Arts Alive Outstanding Teacher Award, an Ohio Arts Council, Individual Excellence Award and was a National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts' Emerging Artist. 

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Parts to the Whole, Worthington Yards, Cleveland, OH 2024

Rendered Fusion: Clay, Connection, Attention - the NCECA 2024 Annual, Richmond, VA, 2024                                                                                                                                               The Big @ss @rt Show, Lakeland Community College, Cleveland, OH 2023                                                                                                                                                                                      

 Western Reserve Currents/2023 NCECA, Convention Center, Cincinnati, OH 2023

Exposure, Malone Art Gallery, Malone University 2022

Artists of the Western Reserve Members Exhibition, Cleveland, OH 2022

Natural Order:  Accumulating Meaning, Kent State University at Stark, William J. and Pearl F. Lemmon Visiting Artist Gallery, N. Canton, OH 2022

Drawn to Clay, ARTneo Gallery, 78th St. Studios, Cleveland, OH, 2021

Submerged, BOJU Pop-Up Exhibition, NCECA, Richmond, VA, 2020

Recollections, Donna Webb, Michael Lazusky, Sherry Bradshaw, ArtSeen Gallery, Vermillion, OH, 2019

Tile Installation, Behrman-Matney residence, Akron, OH, 2019

Strange Particles, light fixture and wall installation, Nancy and Dennis Carracher residence, Copley, OH, 2018

The Book as Art, Decatur Arts Alliance, Decatur, GA, 2018

After the Pedestal, The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH, 2017

Water:  a collaborative exhibition, (with Jean Marie Hartman) Rutgers University Art Library, 2017

Best of 2017 Ohio Designer Craftsmen, Ohio Craft Museum, Columbus, OH, 2017

Black and White, Box Gallery, Summit ArtSpace, Akron, Ohio, 2017

Continuity:  Recent works by Myers School of Art Emeritus Faculty, Emily Davis Gallery, University of Akron, Akron, OH, 2016

All Ohio Contemporary Ceramics, Yan Sun Art Museum, Zanesville, OH 2016

Galactic Pleasures, The Studio Door, San Diego, CA 2016

FUSION: The Merging of Art & Science, Summit Art Space, Akron, OH, 2016

National Juried Art Exhibition, Art+Science, Indiana University East Art Gallery, Richmond, Indiana, 2016

Microcosmos  Gallery 621, 309  St. Benicia, CA 94510, 2015                                                    

Installation:Cloud, Kokoon Gallery, Cleveland, 2015.                                                                    

 Pairings:  Collaborative Work, Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Healdsburg, 2015                      

Historic and Contemporary Women Artists, Kokoon Arts Gallery, 2015                                      

Ceramics Invitational 2015, River Gallery, Rocky River, 2015                                                              

 A Home for Joe, Baldwin Wallace, 2014, Berea, Ohio, 2014                                                              

Not the Usual Suspects:Director’s Choice, Lakeland Community College, 2014                      

Bioforms & Metacosms, Harris Stanton Gallery, Akron, OH,  2014                                                

Earth Moves: Shifts in Ceramic Art and Design, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, CO, 2013                                                                                All-Ohio Ceramic Invitational, Heights Arts, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 2013                                    

Small Favors, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA, 2013                                                                    

Synapse:  Art and Science, ActionLink Headquarters, Akron, OH. 2012                              

Groundwater:  Out of Site/Sight Out of Mind, Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH, 2011                                                                                                            Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books, traveling exhibition, 2011                                                  

The Altered Book Project, Summit Art Space, Akron, OH. 2011                                                          

New Worlds, Places and Forms:  Kent-Stark College, 2011                                                      

 Protégé, Mentors and Peers, Pentagon Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio, 2009                                              

The Feminine Spirit:  Ceramics of Angelica Pozo and Donna Webb, Crandall Gallery, Mount Union College, 2009                                                                         Ceramic Evolution, Penn Armory, Pittsburgh, PA 2008                                                                      

Camera to Canvas, Summit Art Space, Akron, OH, 2008                                                                          

Red Heat, Alexandre Hogue Gallery, University of Tulsa, Tulsa OK 2007                                                    

Art on the Wall and Off the Pedestal, Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH, 2007                                        

Fresh Art, Summit Art Space, Akron, OH 2006, 2007 and 2008                                                            

Third Cleveland Biennial Exhibition, Cleveland State University, 2005                          

PUBLIC ART and Private Installations

Tile Facade, Angel Falls Coffee Shop, Akron, OH, 2017

Cascade Village Public Art 2012-2013, various projects, 2012-13

The Boogie Man of Howard Street, Summit ArtSpace, 2012. 

Watershed Event, Myers School of Art, 2011

Howard Street Project, Lauer Building, Akron, Ohio, 2010

Room of Beloved Fears, Summit Art Space, 2008

Stairway, residence of Margo Snider, 2008

As Above, So Below, collection of the artist, Akron, OH 

Nothing Great Is Ever Achieved Without Much Enduring, Student Union, University of Akron, Akron, OH., 2003

Robinson in the World, Robinson Academy, Akron, OH, 2001

Stairway to the Arts, Vern Rife Center for the Arts, Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, OH, 2000

Plus Ultra Bench, Myers School of Art, University of Akron, Collaborator, J Troutman 

Commemorative Bench, E.J. Thomas Hall, University of Akron, Akron, OH,  Collaborator, Janice Troutman, 2000

Four Seasons Floor, Central Ohio Psychiatric Hospital, Columbus, OH, l996  

Ceramic History Wall, Myers School of Art, 1995 

Magic Fountain, Metro Health Hospital, Cleveland, OH, 1995  

King Triton and the Little Mermaid, Children’s Hospital, Akron, OH, l993  


Rubicon Film, Blue Sky Studio, home for monthly showing of artist made films from 2015-2020 and again in 2022-2023, Blue Sky Studio

On The Table:  Greater Akron:  Hosted a Community meal and conversation at Blue Sky Studio

Slide Jam, Akron Art Museum, Once Upon a Time: Story Circles at Cascade Village, 2014

Cascade Village Public Art, Akron, Oh. 2012-2013


Ohio Arts Council, Arts Innovation Grant, with Matt Kolodziej, 2008

Arts Alive!  Outstanding Arts Educator, 2007

Faculty Research Grants:  2012, 2005, 2002, 1999, 1995, 1988, 1986

Emerging Artist, National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts, l990

Individual Artists Fellowship, Ohio Arts Council, 1987


Transforming Stories: The Akron Story Circle Project, Bill Lyons, Caroline Behrman, Jim Slowiak, Donna Webb, Amy Shriver Dreussi,The University of Akron Press, 2017               

500 Figures in Clay Vol 2, Nan Smith, Lark Books, 2014                       

A Watershed Event: Communicating Landscape Processes. Hartman, J.M. & Webb, D. Fábos Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning 2013:   University of Massachusetts, Amherst, April 12-13.  Full papers retrieved from  

Out of Sight/Out of Mind: Observing what lies Beneath the Surface.  In   Biologically-Inspired Computing for the Arts:  Scientific Data Through  Graphics.  Ed. Ahna Ursyn, IGI Global, Hershey , PA. 2012.                          

500 Tiles. Angelica Pozo, Lark Books, 2007.                                 

Terracotta and the London Natural History Museum, Ceramics Technical  No. 22.,2006                                                                                  

Mosaic Art & Style:  Designs for Living Environments, JoAnn Locktov, 4 images, 2005

The Art of Mosaic Design, A Collection of Contemporary Artists,  JoAnn Locktov, 1998






I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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